How Every big event affects us and brings new opportunities.


every time any big event happened, which affects major people in the world and opens new gates of opportunities and ideas.

as we can see in the last 5 to 6 months many things happen like a pandemic, fire, Earthquake, war situation, protest. many events that affected almost the whole world.


Transformation is part and rule of life and the universe and it hurts. if you hit the gym and developed new habit it makes you uncomfortable for a few days so these major events hurt all by mostly mental and physical.

some peoples lose their loved ones, some lose job, money, life partner due to lockdown fight, some lose mental stability.

every big event left positive and negative impact behind it. people react to that by their understanding. some see opportunities and they build business and wealth by it. like, mask, sanitizer, and other cleaning product business after starting a pandemic.

Before lockdown, people try to find free time for their family and friends in their busy unorganized life, and now they finally get quality time for their family and friends but, a divorce rate increases, and people want to stay alone and need personal space.

people just talk about family values and relationships but at true-time, the picture was saying something else.

The only thing I want to say is control your mind and find opportunities for a new start and remove negative people into your life and go ahead.