This important thing self-help writers forget to mention.

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I read a lot about self-development and work on myself, but you know self-improvement is not a piece of cack, and it’s hard to change yourself because transformation always brings some pain because they both are relative.

I read lots of writers, and their advice was awesome, but not easy.

I noticed one important thing, which lacks 90% of self-help articles.

that thing was spirituality

90% of self-improvement and self-help writers have not mentioned this one important thing in their articles.

Maybe they do not believe in God and not even spiritual but, god, and spirituality is true as sun and moon.

Even science has proved the benefits of spirituality and prayer. It reduces feelings of isolation, anxiety, and fear.

We were witness as some time ago in this pandemic. US government organize prayers in Whitehouse for getting rid of this pandemic even that big nation believes in this thing.

Without the blessing of God, you are not getting any skills and fortune.

Many times we can’t get enough results after many attempts in business and other things there you need to try preyer at list one time, and you can show different results.

Many legends are too belives in prayer and spirituality, and they do it regularly.

Right now, many big celebrities from different fields are spiritual, and that helps them to grow and accomplish new heights in their profession.

If you are broken and mentally depressed, you are doing some medication, exercise, listen to music, take a walk. It gives you relief but not permanently.

At this time, almost all human beings feel stress, anxiety, and depression but, Himalayan yogis, buddhis monks, and other spiritual people can stay calm and got peace of mind.

So what difference between them and us?

Its spirituality.

They understand life and a way to live with peace.

Many believe in karma, and it’s a true and wonderful thing.

If you are read the holy book of Hinduism a Bhagvat Geeta, so you can understand that karma yog which explain how our actions (karma) works.

It’s saying you are just doing karma and don’t hope for a result because it’s upon a god.

this thing relate in all parts and event of our life

benefits of being spiritual

strong mindset

you working on an important project and you put everything in it and not getting results, and you are going to depress, and after that, you have no courage to work again there this term useful for you.

If you work with a mindset like, I put all my effort into this project and give my best, and after that, any results come I will accept.

This type of mindset is saved you from anxiety, stress, depression, anger, feeling lost because you know you give your best.

That makes you mentally strong, and encourage you to do new things.

easy change

calmness, a clear mind, kindness, purity, these all things are not that easily developed, that take time and feel hard to accomplish because we painted by this dark color of the modern world and lots of selfish and fools gold like shiny things.

But this can be easy if you are spiritual because it a full package which calmness, a clear mind, kindness, purity, and you will adopt it easily and subconsciously.

It’s easy to adopt changes if you are prepared, and these awesome spiritual things prepare you for any obstacle in your life.

No matter what god you choose for worship.

The basics of almost all religions are the same, and that is the ascendency of the world.

Being spiritual and then being prepared for good things.

That’s all things you need to accomplished for peace of mind.

If you have millions and even billions, but not getting peace in mind and heart, so that money like ash.

If you still feel jealous after so much money and fortune because someone has something which you don’t have, so you gather stones all time.

See the reality of the world and try to be a little spiritual for your sake.




Pharmacist....Philosophical ~~Love, Life, Dreams, Hope ~~ ~~ Guest posting, Paid post, Content writing, Ghostwriting.

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Akshar khunt

Akshar khunt

Pharmacist....Philosophical ~~Love, Life, Dreams, Hope ~~ ~~ Guest posting, Paid post, Content writing, Ghostwriting.

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