You will face these critical things in your path of success.

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There are many stressful things face in the journey to success by all successful people in their life.

Some of I faced and facing now in my life.

Some of I seen in other people’s life, That mentions below in this article.

Build a business and get financial freedom with your desired life is not a piece of cake.

There are lots of reasons why this entrepreneurship thing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

I experienced some of these things in my life.

I know many people experienced these too and quite.

Here some of the important things need to care about to be successful and get a desirable life.

The temptation of other things.

Every living creature is tempted to another source when they are not getting results in first thing after little or no hustle.

When I completed my graduation and decided to do business instead of grinding into a job, I don’t know how much dedication and hard work need to build a business and getting the desired life.

It is tempting to shifting to another stream when you are not getting the desired results and lack of patience.

I feel it too, and waste 3 years of my life in the wrong direction.

When your friends doing good in their business and get good money you need to understand it’s not done overnight.

They grind and be depressed sometime in their life, but never quite.

Every business having golden days when skyrocketing incomes but, it is beneficial for them who stay there and grab opportunities.

Not knowing what to and how to.

Unclear planning and lack of vision in life is a boat with no compass and oar in the middle of the sea.

Unclear goals lead you nowhere.

Goals are a blueprint of your success story. Long term and short term goals are necessary for the long run.

If everyone doubts your plans and abilities, you are not lost a battle Important thing is not to self-doubt otherwise you lose before the fight.

Trust is everything, either on others or yourself.

Self-doubt kills our confidence and productivity.

It is easy to starting self-doubting when you are surrounded by successful people and watch them every day to be progressive, but you are hustling and not getting any progress.

Its a kind of jealous thing, and thinking like, When I will be that person or get that position in my life, will I getting or not?

  • Self-hypnosis and meditation are effective for self-doubt situation.

lack of willingness and focus

There is a solution for I don’t know

There is a solution for I don’t understand.

BUT there is no solution for I don’t want to.

When you want to be fortunate but don’t know how to be, you are feeling unproductive and stuck in the process.

Other distractions and lack of focus led us to laziness and be that person who have always excuses for not working on something new and learn new things, which important for your goals and journey of success.

All days are not the same, and you do not feel productive every day, but still, you need to work and maintain consistency.

Become a writer or anything you need to practice every day without being lazy and make sure it keeps even you are unwilling for that.

  • Start by small scale and convert that into habits. It will make it easier, and you will enjoy that process.

working alone and being unsocial

When you decide to work on that project which was rejected many times by your publisher, boss, or you offer someone else earlier with lots of hope and expectation.

You lack support from an external source, and you trust earlier before they said you NO coldly. It’s hard to work alone without break confidence and self-doubting.

Work alone a long time makes you irritated and introverted sometimes, and It impacted on your social life.

No one comes when you saw seeds, but everyone comes to you when a crop is ready for cutting.

  • It’s good for you to be socialized and keep in touch with your friends and family.

Working space

If you are developing something new or working on your dream project, its matter what kind of atmosphere around you.

Your working space is really important in your success story.

A peaceful and comfortable working environment boosts your mood and makes you more creative.

Distraction-free place increases productivity by 10x.

As a writer or editor, you love to work with comfortable, clean, noise-free, and well ventilated personal space.

That’s why every big company has a well developed and energetic workspace and headquarters.

Fear of others and a lack of confidence.

You have a wonderful plan and strategies but also fear of others because your past is not gone well, and you are scared to be the judge.

Sometimes we are scared about what people think about us if we are starting something new and try to break the social barrier.

Sometimes your past holds you back and makes you scared to do good things which opposite which you did in past.

This kind of situation breaks your confidence, and you will never come out this lump of past and being judge by others thing.

  • If you want to do something big, Do it because when you have done this, your maximum haters will convert into your followers.
  • If you being an influencer, writer, YouTuber being it.
  • You need to face that scary thing ones than you will become strong.

over motivation

Its good to be motivated but over motivation make you blind from reality.

Every single person needs motivation in their life to be something and do something.

But multiple sources of motivation makes you careless, and you being careless to your goals.

You think I am motivated, and its a piece of cake for me, but the reality was different.

When you actually do that thing, your motivation evaporates, and you see hard reality.

Over motivation cover your mind and thought with false fantasy, and it is much far from reality.

  • Find a good mentor that guides and motivates you the right way and gives you the right pieces of advice.

mental illness (bad habits)

Your bad habits like excessive smoking and alcoholism make you ill and kill your productivity.

When you feel stuck, and a little depressed, your mind asks for smoke and alcohol, and this craving kills your mood and attention.

Bad habits make you mentally and physically sick and make you depressed and stress.

  • Its batter to quit smoking and drinking alcohol for your life and your family.

relationship problems

It is a major distraction and issue for your success.

Relationship problems with your close and loving ones give you huge stress.

This kind of issue always ruin your projects, goals, and dreams because both are important for you, and maintaining equally, is not an easy task.

Most of the relationship issues are formed, because not giving enough time to that certain relationship.

  • If your partner was supportive, you win the half battle.
  • Imagine you have felt powerful when your father taps your back and said, go ahead and do whatever you want.
  • Try to balance work or personal life for your projects and goals.
  • Make a timetable for your work and personal life so you can justify both.
  • Clarify the importance of your projects to your family and partner so they can be supportive.


If you try to make money and fulfill your desire for unethical ways, remember, it is always stressful for you.

Add some values in your life and work so you can live life with pride and joy.

We had many examples of people who ruin their life and lost fortune for some unethical practices.

  • It is good to expand your business or abilities to get more and be helpful, but need to take care of selfishness and allurement to not ruin your and others’ life for some puny things.


We all are ambitious for something and try to accomplish that.

People face problems in their life and journey of success of their goals and dreams, but overcome that and get the desired life is not that easy, so stay calm, be kind and continuously go for what you want.

Someday you will achieve those things and look back in your life you feel and appreciate yourself for not quit and struggling.

After all, this world has limitless opportunities, and we do not work only for ourselves.



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